Radial-flow high pressure fans ВЦ 140-15


  • High pressure 
  • Single-inlet
  • Helical turning case
  • Backward curved
  • 12 blades
  • Left and right direction of rotation


Fans ВЦ 140-15 are operated in permanently installed heating and air conditioning systems of industrial facilities and other buildings.

Production version

ТУ 4861-008-39400557-11

  • General purpose fan of carbon steel
  • Corrosion proof fan of stainless steel 
  • Explosion proof of various metals
  • Explosion and corrosion proof of stainless steel

Operation conditions

Implement in moderate climate regions, allocation category 3 according to GOST 15150-69.

Environment temperature -40ºС to +40ºС (45ºС for tropical modification). 

Simultaneous operation of several fans without network elements is not recommended. Suction work needs diffuser at outlet.




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